Today is Friday

So today I did my 3 min speech. Basically it sucked because i didn't bother practicing or memorizing. But whatever it is done. So I just need to finish my report tomorrow and then that's my last assignment for the semester and then I need to start studying for exams. Fun.

Now I'm off to get some dinner. Still at the city, well in queerspace. Also our queer officer resigned and now we are without leader/organizer and basically nothing has been happening. It's sad though because we all liked her but she had pressure from people and there was conflict or something, I don't know the story. Just that now she's concentrating on her course since it's her final year. And there will be a voting for new queer officers next week.

And that's all that has been happening to me. And found out the other day that TSN big bangs are being posted. I know what I'm doing this weekend!


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